How long will a learner have access to the courses?


The learner will have 12 months access to the course/s.


Does the course fees include the international exams?


No, the international exam costs are an additional cost.  Learners will receive IT Academy Course Mastery Certification on success course completion at no additional cost via Registered mail.


Where are the international exams written?


International exam vouchers can be purchased through IT Academy and written at any Prometric Testing Centre in South Africa.


How do you obtain IT Academy Course Mastery Certification?


You will be required to obtain 70% and above for the multiply choice questions at the end of each module and practice exams at the end of each course.


How does a learner print their Course Mastery Certification?


Click on the course you have completed, click on Course Tools and click on Series Transcripts.  Kindly print and e-mail your Certificate/s to info@it-academy.co.za along with your delivery address.  Original Certificates are sent out via Registered mail monthly.


How will we receive our IT Academy Course Mastery Certification by mail?


Kindly print and e-mail your Certificate/s to info@it-academy.co.za along with your delivery address.  Original Certificates are sent out via Registered mail monthly.


How can I find or change my password? I need it reset.


Go to Student Login, click on Forgot your Username and Password?  Type in your e-mail address, our password  will be sent to the email address.


How do I print the pages in a course?


You can print the entire course by entering the course, opening the Course Tools tab at the left, and clicking the Printable Version link. The printable version contains all course text (without graphics) in a single document.


If you would like to print the course one page at a time or print graphics from the course, you may do so simply by right clicking on the page in question, then selecting the Print option. The page will print with graphics.


My courses aren't functioning properly / How  should I configure my browser?


Please ensure you are using Internet Explorer.  Flash Player 10, Media Player and Java are installed on your computer.


When I try to play the video courses, my buttons are grayed out and my quiz answers do not seem to update?


These problems may arise by having the version of Sun Java that is not compatible to run the videos. The version recommended is the Java Standard Edition 1.4 or Sun Java 1.4 or above. This version can be downloaded from http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/download.html. The Java Runtime Environment contains the Java Vm, which is necessary to run the video courses also. This can be obtained by installing JSE.

I do not have audio on all of my courses. Is there something wrong?


Many of our End User courses are now equipped with audio on many pages of the courses. You may also get audio on the introduction pages of the lessons, ensure Flash Player 10 is installed.

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